Ever wonder if young people like learning about appreciation and recognition? So does Blake. Here’s a video of some of the work Blake has done with students over the years – talking about appreciation, recognition and building community.

Ever been to a Tedx conference? So has Blake. Blake has delivered 8 Tedx speeches over the years and here is one of his talks.

Ever wonder how to use appreciation to collaborate with major companies? So does Blake. He loves these collaborations. Here’s Blake’s “Thank You Mazda” production.

Ever wonder why people look so bored on the subway? So does Blake. He and his friends found the cure and it is called “Train Reaction.” Blake and his bandmates, Amir and Elan, are the Co-Creators of “Train Reaction.” This musical flashmob sparks happiness in every city they hit.  This was one of their featured news stories.

Ever wonder how to get people to look up from their phones and actually greet one another? So does Blake. He and his friend, Elan, are the Co-Creators of the Hi5Run. It gets people’s attention in a beautiful way. Here is a video of LinkedIN experiencing the fun.

Ever wonder how often workers get thanked for the daily activities they do? So does Blake. His “Thank U Car” Initiative involves him delivering handwritten thank you cards to people at drive-thru windows. Check it out.

Ever wonder how to teach young kids how to appreciate each other online? So does Blake. He and his friend, Dave, are the Co-Creators of “My Life Online.” It is an organization that teaches kids how to appreciate one another on social media. Check it out here.