Chris Overholt

CEO, The Canadian Olympic Committee

I know the power of the passionate, values-driven leader and understand the ability they have to step- change organizations. Blake exhibits these qualities well beyond his years.

Alyson Walker

VP Brand Partnerships and Client Strategy, Bell Media

This message of appreciation and recognition is important for anyone in the client service business. Blake came very highly regarded and now I know why.

Jocelyn Deacon

Relationship Manager, LinkedIn

We rarely have people return to our company for presentations, but we’re already in talks to figure out how we can have him back.

Tony Conte

Executive Director, Office of the Vice President, Administration and Operations, Ryerson University

His combination of storytelling, music, humour and audience participation is very powerful and leaves people wanting more.

Martin Reader

2012 Team Canada Olympian

I am inspired by the way Blake thinks and the massive impact he has on high performers. He is a trailblazer in business, leadership and life.

Vince Luciani

Educator, Lululemon Athletica

I don’t know anyone who can make people laugh, learn, sing and cry in as short amount of time as Blake. He is dynamic and his appreciation methods work.

Tim Fricker

Dean of Students, Mohawk College

I look for as many opportunities as possible to have my teams experience Blake’s powerful message. He is a joy to work with every time.


Angela Treglia

Director, Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre, University of Toronto

Blake puts in the extra hours to customize a presentation. You would never think that someone could bring guitar, drums and live music into a presentation and tie it together with killer content. Blake does exactly that.


Roxsolana Jaworsky


If you really want your audience to listen and get something out of it, then I would choose Blake.

Julian Restivo

Residence Manager, Western University

There may be thousands of people in the audience, yet you feel like you are having a conversation with one guy.

Peggy Wakabayashi

Director of Residences, Western University

He uses his personal testimonial to talk about the value of getting support. 

Carolyn Sacks

Client Services Manager, SDI Marketing

We want to create memorable activations for our brands. Blake used his live music and infectious energy to make that come to life. He does not disappoint.

Mitchell Stern

VP Marketing & Sales, Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.

We often forget to stop and realize how far we have come. We chose Blake to help us deliver innovative appreciation to the key people who helped us build this business.

Melissa Morris

Director of Brand Partnerships, Bell Media

He made us feel so comfortable, so warm and so focused. He does this in a truly authentic and easygoing way. He brings out the best in everyone.

Will Boake

VP Sales, ICON

I would recommend him to any team that is client facing, especially sales teams. Very inspiring.

Brad Morrison


If you think you are sitting down for just another speaker, you are sadly mistaken.

Chris Allyene

Assistant Director, Residence Engagement, Western University

He is worth the investment.


Jennifer Mclean

Assistant Director of Residence, Western University

He makes sure that the message aligns with what the institution is looking for!