The number 1 reason people do not appreciate one another is because we forget

This is not a surprise because the world is moving faster by the day, and giving thanks is never mandatory. Rather than waiting for turning points or tragic points to let people know the impact they have had on our life and career, why not do it now?

Based on a method that Blake built for 10 friends in his apartment and has since delivered to thousands of people on 3 continents, The “THANK U PARTY” is one of the most simple, yet accelerated ways to launch your team into actionable appreciation.

    • Blake uses live music, storytelling and appropriate humour to deliver this message
    • Blake will speak to audiences of 10 to 10,000 (or more!)
    • Blake customizes the message for leaders, sales professionals and entire organizations
    • Keynotes are typically 60 minutes, though can expand into half or full day workshops

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