There is a new way of forming relationships at work and in business

Emotionless emails. Time-saving texts. Swipe-oriented social media. People save time at work by skipping the human interaction wherever possible. This is a short-term gain which makes for long-term pain. People need to feel connected, engaged and appreciated. Something that begins as a time-saver, can often lead to apathetic, unmotivated or even angry clients, customers and colleagues. Lack of recognition is the leading reason why people quit their jobs. Now is the time to rebuild strong relationships at work by creatively blending life in person and life online.

Based on his 10+ years of community-building experiments in his backyard and his world travels, Blake gives audiences a selection of ways to implement their own versions of radical relationship building that will lead to a tighter sense of community at work, actionable appreciation throughout the organization and simple selling techniques that will boost the bottom line.


✔   Schedule The Unexpected: How To Surprise Your Coworkers, Get More Attention From Customers And Stand Out From Your Competitors

✔   Engage and Acknowledge: Keys To Starting Relationships That Will Foster Collaboration At Work and Generate Referrals in Business

✔   The “Thinking Of You” Approach: Make More Impact By Leveraging Key Moments

✔   Passive Thinking Vs. Active Thanking: Taking Your Professional Network To The Next Level

✔   Random Referrals And Reverse Testimonials: Creative Ways To Generate  more Leads And Build More Success Stories

✔   Rituals And Reminders: Recipes To Stay Top Of Mind With Your Colleagues and Clients

✔   Home and Work: How to Activate Appreciation At Home and At Work

    • Blake uses live music, storytelling and appropriate humour to deliver this message
    • Blake will speak to audiences of 10 to 10,000 (or more!)
    • Blake customizes the message for leaders, sales professionals and entire organizations
    • Keynotes are typically 60 minutes, though can expand into half or full day workshops

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