90 day sprints are powerful portions of time for teams to achieve their goals

The success of the sprint is highly linked to the quality of the kick off. What feeling do you want to generate among your team? What mile-markers are in place to measure results? How is appreciation and recognition being leveraged at every level in order to increase impact and revenue for your organization? Blake works with teams to answer all these questions and build mega momentum at the start of your quarter.


✔   Project Finished: The new way of working to achieve micro-goals in more meaningful ways.

✔   Priority Puzzles: Creative approaches to keeping your focus and not losing motivation.

✔   Actionable Appreciation: How to use daily appreciation inside and outside of the organization in order to access more energy and expand your professional network.

✔   Rise and Rest: Daily rituals that will make the 90 days fly.

✔   Thank Pranks: The next version of using the phone, to positively impact others and elevate your sales.

✔   Studio360: A personalized coaching plan to stay on track and be ready to celebrate your wins at the end of the quarter.

    • Blake uses live music, storytelling and appropriate humour to deliver this message
    • Blake will speak to audiences of 10 to 10,000 (or more!)
    • Blake customizes the message for leaders, sales professionals and entire organizations
    • Keynotes are typically 60 minutes, though can expand into half or full day workshops

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