Blake is a huge fan of The Ninja Turtles, is heavily lactose intolerant and believes that appreciation is rocket-fuel for building a beautiful life and brilliant business.

Blake has delivered over 1000 keynote presentations around the world, is an 8-time TEDx speaker and has become a leading authority on appreciation and recognition.

Blake’s unique approach to leadership and business-building has gotten him invited to work with companies like LinkedIN, Bell Media, LuluLemon, and Microsoft. His live music, appropriate humour and sticky storytelling give audiences an experience that is hard to forget and his programs include actionable appreciation that can be implemented on the spot.

His work has been featured on CTV, Breakfast Television, The National News, and he has shared the stage with CBC’s Rick Mercer.

As a way to create community everywhere, Blake has delivered over 300,000 high 5s in his hometown of Toronto, performed with his band on moving subway cars, performed piano in airports and delivered handwritten cards to drive thru workers across the country. Blake even leads a global coworking community online so that business owners, artists and creatives don’t have to work alone.

Blake believes there are always ways to deliver an unexpected blend of innovation and appreciation.

Blake’s family means the world to him and his partner, Emily, is the girl he plans to cook Kraft Dinner for over the next 75 years.